Our Story

In 2015 two people fell in love while on a diving excursion with mutual friends. Drawn closer together with a shared passion for aquatic-centric activities, we wanted to bring together a branding that captures the fun and humor into the aquatic addiction lifestyle.


As parents of aquatic addicted children we have a special PandemONEum fund set-up to assist in cultivating the new generation of aquatic mastery and provide sponsorship to many competitive youth aquatic competitions with hopes of assisting worldwide. If you have a child who shares the passion, reach out to us!!


The PandemONEum brand strives to provide hybrid and unique aquatic fashion with an incredible fit tailored for the seductive and silly aquatic addictions life. We work with worldwide friends bringing together and developing a unique style for every water sport and activity that is affordable and offering designs that transcend the 'life style' and bringing together the love of the water and seas, WE REPRESENT YOU.


If your addiction is surfing, fishing, diving, kayaking, water-ski or simply enjoying a day at the beach, we invite you to become part of our PandemONEum Aquatic Addictions family!


Pandemoneum Aquatic Addiction Family



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