Operation PandemONEum

PandemONEum has teamed up with Kyle Thierman and Surfing for Change's mission to share the “stoke” of the surfing community and sharing our love and concerns for the aquatic youth and their positive development of leadership exhibiting traits that favor safety, skills, and conservation. 

 Aquatic enthusiasts have a unique understanding and responsibility to take action to preserve our waters and encourage the next generation of Aquatic Addictions! 

100% of PandemONEum & OPERATION PANDEMONEUM Logo Shirt Proceeds directly supports this Program! 

PandemONEum accomplishes this Mission and Vision by:
  • Utilizes aquatic addictions imagery to highlight the power of individuals in creating a better world through everyday decisions.
  • Select sponsorship provided to youth aquatic enthusiasts whom model and demonstrate leadership potential
  • Maintaining focus on the possibility of positive change in the future generations of Aquatic Addicted communities
  • Firm commitment to care and support, embraced throughout the Operation PandemONEums experience
  • Coordinate and assemble professionals in the Aquatic Community to guide and mentor youth
  • Services founded in research and evidenced based practice
The Goals of PandemONEum are to:
  • Provide sponsorship to upcoming youth in their aquatic addictons
  • Develop youth aquatic outreach programs across the nation
  • Establish PandemONEum advocates across the globe
  • Develop safe and effective volunteer training
  • Accomplish Outreach, Advocacy, Fundraising, & Community Presence
  • Maintain the good-standing of the 501(c)3
How you can help:
  • Join the PandemONEum team and join in on the action and stay updated on upcoming Sponsored Events, Discounts, & Kids Aquatic Program Offerings!
  • Purchase your PANDEMONEUM Gear
  • Become a sponsor and mentor for one of our many young and aspiring aquatic enthusiasts 
  • Request more information and spread the word!
  • Donate monies or unused items (We accept EVERYTHING you can think of to assist young aquatic youth)

If you would like to be a vendor, donate, volunteer or become part of our Operation Pandemoneum family, please reach out to us.

*Visit and learn more about Kyle Theirman at surfingforchange.com

**By reaching out we will automatically sign you up to stay current on the Surfing for a Change community newsletter. You may opt out at any time!


*Check back as we hope to have our YouTube Feed Page up soon!



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